Expedition Journal

April 19, 1996
An Incredible Week

by Daniela Romero

I have been doing a lot of interesting stuff here in JASON VII, and I am going to write about my days here at the expedition.

Day 1: at Key Largo (Thursday, April 11), after I flew from Monterrey to Houston, and then from Houston to Miami, I met the Argonauts, the teachers and the students, I also met all the people that are working at JASON, I met some of the Navy guys, and the crew of the NR-1 all of these persons are very nice with me.

Day 2: (Friday, April 12) we all (Argonauts) had a swimming test, and a snorkling test. After that I visited for the first time Key JASON, we saw all the amazing equipment they had. After that Willy la Cruz, Kristin Cooper and my Teacher Argonaut Sylvia Pakstis went to the SSV Carolyn Chouest, there we met Dr. Bob Ballard, Dr. Bob Hueter, the crew of the Carolyn Chouest, we did some fast facts there, it was really fun, then we went to explore the Carolyn Chouest, it is really a big ship.

Day 3: Today I stayed at interacrivity with Todd Viola, we had three rehersals , and I did News from the Net on them. After the rehersals all the Argos that were out were coming back, then we went to have dinner. After we had dinner we went to swim.

Day 4: Today was our break-day. We went snorkling and it was really fun, although I got a little seasick.

Day 5:Today was the first day of broadcasts, and I was a little nervous about it, I had to do the Geology Report and the Closing of the program from the Carolyn Chouest during the 5 broadcasts. We had a 20 minutes break in between the broadcasts. We also drove the Carolyn Chouest, it was really cool!

Day 6: Today I went to the Carolyn Chouest an my part was helping Dr. Heuter with his shark part, it was really interesting because I needed to play a shark attacting sound, and then I needed to communicate by radio with the Fantastic 2, with is the shark tracking boat.

Day 7: I think today was the best day of all, because I went to the NR-1, which is a tiny submarine with a nuclear reactor. The NR-1 has a lot of equipment and it really impressed me. You can see outside the submarine through these little windows called View Ports, and they are about the size of your face, they are so little because otherwise the pressure would be so strong and break it. What I liked the most of the NR-1 was that I was able to drive it, It was really fun, and I enjoyed it very much. Then Captain Dave Olivier gave me like a diploma that certificates that I actually dove in the NR-1. I was inside the submarine for about 11 hours. (I ate pizza in the NR-1).

Day 8: Today I narrated my experience about the NR-1 during the broadcasts, it was not that difficult because I just talked about what I did there. Today was the funniest day aboard the Carolyn Chouest, because we took over production, and I told Bob Ballard when was his turn to talk it was really exciting.

Day 9: Today was my turn in News from the Net, it is the part of the broadcast where an argonaut can tell what's new on the Net. I have done 4 broadcasts already, and right now I am waiting for my turn....


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