In Search of Giant Squid

Below are links to excerpts from the journals written by Clyde Roper and his wife, Ingrid, sent back electronically from the expedition site in New Zealand. In addition to Clyde's expedition-oriented reports, Ingrid will " adding to our journal whenever something interesting comes to mind. That means seeing New Zealand through MY eyes, which is often very different from Clyde's impressions and experiences."

In addition, Jim Bellingham, leader of the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) team shares his groups experiences in journals written on February 12, 13 and 16.

Rick Wormeli, a national merit teacher at Herndon Middle School (Herndon, Virginia) is working with Dr. Clyde Roper on an indisciplinary curriculum for the Giant Squid web site for teachers to use. Read his story (parts 1 and 2) about how he became involved with Dr. Roper and the expedition In Search of Giant Squid.

To read the journals, simply click on the date listed below.
NOTE: These journals are from the 1997 Expedition.
Click here for the 1999 Expedition Journals.

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