Aquatic Field Investigation
Putting Yourself on the Map

In this Experiment, you'll use your research from the previous Investigation to understand and share information about your local aquatic field-study site and to write a clear and concise history of the site. You'll also identify and summarize problems associated with the site and steps that have been taken to solve these problems. After writing this site history and summary, you will develop a plan detailing how you plan to study your site, introduce your class online, and share your site history, summary, and research plan with other Internet users. Using what you know so far about your aquatic field-study site, you will decide how you would like to collaborate with other Internet users to expand your study of your site. After corresponding with other Internet users to find out who else is participating in the JASON Project and what aquatic sites they are studying, you will choose some collaborators from the group of Internet users with which you have corresponded.

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