Expedition Journal

Special Thanks

It's been fun creating this online journal to share with you, and we would like to acknowledge some of the people and organizations who made it possible.
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Florida Bay research team

Frank Mazzotti and Laura Brandt

The staff of the Keys Marine Laboratory

Gene Feldman and Norman Kuring, NASA/Goddard

The Global Schoolnet Foundation

JASON Project Sponsors

David Pingal
(for long-distance tech support on the day the computer died)

The crew of the "GIS Lounge", Bill Sargent, Courtney Westlake, and Jim Poehlman,
DEP/Florida Marine Research Institute

GIS maps for the January Expedition Journal were created on a Sun SPARC 20 which was made available to the JASON Project and the Florida Marine Resarch Institute by Sun Microsystems Computer Company, a National Sponsor of the JASON Project.

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