April Expedition

Fish Science

Fish Science Team


  1. Molasses reef (back reef)
    On Sundays an alpha survey will be conducted on an inside reef. The relative numbers and species will be counted. Different areas within the site will be compared (e.g.. rough terrain, high profile etc., presence/absence of coral).

    The key research question is:

  2. Conch reef (diving argonauts)
    During the dive with Dr. Wellington on Conch reef, argonauts located here would also conduct an alpha survey of an outer reef. Different areas within the site could be compared. Information would be forwarded to the fish group for analysis.

    The key research question is:

  3. Wreck
    The same alpha survey would be conducted on the wreck using the NR-1 with a student argonaut aboard. This would involve moving the NR-1 in a circle. The ROV could show the NR-1 moving for the survey.

    The key question is:

  4. Humps
    The same alpha survey with the NR-1 EATS team.

    The key question is:

    For comparison of data between the sites, bar charts and mosaic images will be produced. The following key questions relate to the compilation of data:

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